The performance of Laurent J. LaBrie in customer service and management of property and personnel has been recognized recommendations by many a manager. An employee of character, he has had success in many a JCAHO survey inspection, design and publicizing websites, people skills, technical knowledge of engineering. He speaks English, Italian, Romanian, and French.

Laurent J. LaBrie, management and financial consultant

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Examples of Websites created, maintained, and promoted:

Romania's #1 site about HIV
Romania's #1 site about HIV
(Logo by LJ LaBrie)

Global Assistance
for Medical Equipment, Kosovo
Global Assistance for Medical Equipment, Kosovo (Logo by LJ LaBrie)

Romania's #3 site in its market segment
Romania's #3 site in its market segment (Logo by LJ LaBrie)

Laurent J. LaBrie, MS Business Administration, MS Biomedical Engineering

A short summary of his professional background and what he can offer your company

    Improved his section from customer dis-satisfaction to the rating: "Solid overall performance" and no deficiencies noted on a JCAHO survey. Honored as among the top 10% of Army officers by being presented 3 Army Commendations, the 7th Medical Command Award for Excellence, and an Army Achievement Medal.
Revolutionized a personnel evaluation program by initiating an objective survey system. Led TQM and Empowerment movements, championed understanding of individuals over stereotyping, reducing personnel costs $40,000.

As property management officer, office which failed a general inspection later performed perfectly on an inspection by the JCAHO, reduced annual property loss 95%.

Management success in business, government, academic, and non-profit settings in three countries with six nationalities.

All four websites created have ascended to place among the top ten in their market sectors.

Languages spoken in order of competency:  EnglishEnglish,ItalianItalian,RomanianRomanian,FrenchFrench

Contact information:
5 Pleasant Ridge Drive #205
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Phone: (410) 363-0565

e-mail:  e-mail address

Y!messenger ID: laurent_labrie

e-mail:  e-mail address   Y!messenger ID: laurent_labrie

"A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him... Don't worry about yourself! Take care of those who work for you and you'll float to greatness on their achievements."---HSM Burns Copyright 2004-2006