Abstract: As an employee in the Anesthesia Department of the University of Michigan Medical Center, Laurent LaBrie served Dr. Sharlet Murad, customers and peers. This recommendation for his work of service in engineering management.

University of Michigan

Medical Center

Department of Anesthesiology

1500 East Medical Center Drive
1G323 UH Box 0048
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0048

Department of Anesthesiology

11 March, 1996

To whom it may concern,
Laurent J. La Brie II was employed as anesthesia technicians manager for about a year starting in February 1995.  I was one of his Clinical Supervisors.  During this period, he performed his duties very well and to the satisfaction of all he worked with.  He initiated formal training programs for anesthesia technicians, established a program of regular staff meetings, helped in procurement decision-making during the Kellogg Eye Center expansion and helped in improving customer feedback and service.
During this period I found Laurent to have excellent work habits, and to display a keen dedication to customer service.  He maintained positive and proactive communication with his co-workers, including his subordinates and seemed to be ready to serve all he worked with.
I recommend Laurent for your consideration for future employment and am confident that you will find him to be a valuable addition to your staff.
Very Truly Yours,

[Original signed]

Sharlet Murad, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor II