Abstract: George F. Seifferth III and Alan Moore evaluate Lieutenant Laurent LaBrie, Battalion Medical Officer and Platoon Leader. He had strong ethical standards. La Brie was responsible for developing clinical support and a strong safety program. He set high standards for his platoon by earning the Expert Field Medical Badge.

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Laurent J. LaBrie

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Evaluations by George F. Seiferth (evaluator) and Alan M. Moore (senior evaluator)


January 8, 1987
Principal Duty Title: Medical Platoon Leader

Responsible for maintenance of 8 tracked vehicles, 3 wheeled vehicles, medical training of 33 soldiers, and health issues of an M60A3 (TTS) tank battalion in an armor heavy brigade of a FORSCOM mechanized infantry division. Also responsible for the battalion's safety issues, morale support funds, fire prevention, postal duties, field sanitation, suicide prevention program, drug and alcohol abuse prevention program, and civil-military affairs.
Evaluation by George F. Seiferth III

Ratings: 1 High degree <--> Low degree 5
Possesses capacity to acquire knowledge/grasp concepts 1Displays sound judgment1
Demonstrates appropriate knowledge an expertise in assigned tasks. 1Seeks self-improvement1
Maintains appropriate level of physical fitness 1Is adaptable to changing situations1
Motivates, challenges, and develops subordinates 1Sets and enforces high standards1
Performs under physical and mental stress 1Possesses military bearing and appearance1
Encourages candor and frankness in subordinates 1Supports Equal Opportunity1
Clear and concise in written communication 1Clear and concise in oral communication1

    Constantly developing professionally through outside schooling, often inspires subordinates to attend training/certification.
    Extremely dedicated
    Integrity and moral standards are above reproach.

Performance during this rating period: Always exceeded requirements.
Lieutenant La Brie is an absolutely outstanding junior officer who, through total dedication to this unit, has demonstrated abilities which far exceed his responsibilities. He has completely immersed himself in all aspects of medical operations within the battalion including Standard Operating Procedures, garrison support, and extensive field exercises. In addition, he personally coordinated for all Division medics to train for and certify as Emergency Medical Technicians. Lieutenant La Brie sets the standards for his soldiers as evidenced by him earning the coveted Expert Field Medical Badge. During this battalion's deployment to the National Training Center, Lieutenant La Brie's platoon received compliments from controllers as one of the finest to participate and take care of real world injuries. Always willing to go the extra mile, Lieutenant La Brie has developed a strong battalion safety program for garrison and field operations. Unselfish service to the battalion sets Lieutenant La Brie apart as one of the finest lieutenants with whom I have worked. Lieutenant La Brie is a work horse and can be relied upon to accomplish any mission no matter the obstacle involved. Noteworthy is the fact that Lieutenant La Brie holds 10 critical additional duties to include safety, postal officer, medical related duties, morale support, and battalion artist all of which he performs at 100%.
High potential for positions of greater responsibility. Continue to develop as a medical platoon leader and send to the Medical Services Advanced Course

SIGNED George F. Seiferth III

Evaluation by Alan M. Moore
Lieutenant La Brie has turned in an extremely fine performance as medical platoon leader in his first assignment. He has exceptionally strong ethical standards and personal and professional concern for soldier welfare. Lieutenant La Brie has developed rapidly; not a deskbound medic, he has set an admirable standard by his leadership, earning the expert field medical badge and civilian paramedic certification. Larry La Brie is a team player and he's been an active concerned community member. Challenge with the most demanding of MSC positions, mark for advanced education ahead of peers, and promote early.

SIGNED Alan M. Moore

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