Read the recommendations of the work of Laurent J. LaBrie, an engineer who worked in the US Army Medical Department, at the University of Michigan Medical Center, and at the University of Connecticut Health Center. His supervisors commend him for his performance, customer service, technical knowledge, people-skills, and character.

Laurent J. LaBrie, management and financial consultant

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Examples of Websites created, maintained, and promoted:

Romania's #1 site about HIV
Romania's #1 site about HIV
(Logo by LJ LaBrie)

Global Assistance
for Medical Equipment, Kosovo
Global Assistance for Medical Equipment, Kosovo (Logo by LJ LaBrie)

Romania's #3 site in its market segment
Romania's #3 site in its market segment (Logo by LJ LaBrie)

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Laurent J. LaBrie, MS Business Administration, MS Biomedical Engineering

Observations of his work and his character.  Printed copies available upon request.

Where served as supervisor
Ionel Marinescu TB Hospital, Valea Iasului, Romania

Darryl W. Lloyd


US Army Medical Department

David F. Jeffery

Northwest Medical Teams, International
Sharlet Murad MD
University of Michigan Medical Center

Allan C.D. Brown


University of Michigan Medical Center
Joe J. Langer Colonel US Army Medical Department

George F. Seiferth III


U.S. Army, 2/34 Armor

Alan M. Moore


U.S. Army, 2/34 Armor



"Duties were consistently performed with the highest degree of professionalism, expertise, team spirit, and dedication. Mr. LaBrie's efficiency reports identifying key aspects of his professional responsibilities were consistently gauged as exceptional and consistently reflected positive results.  Mr. LaBrie's departure from the service is considered a significant loss that will become a significant gain for his future employer."---DWL
    "He performed all of his duties with great efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism.  He was a stellar officer who could be counted on to accomplish the tough jobs."---JJL
    "LT LaBrie is a work horse and can be relied upon to accomplish any mission no matter the obstacle involved."---GFS


"He performed his duties very well and to the satisfaction of all he worked with.  He initiated formal training programs for anesthesia technicians, established a program of regular staff meetings, helped in the procurement decision-making during the Kellogg Eye Center expansion and helped in improving customer feedback and service. I found Laurent to have excellent work habits, and to display a keen dedication to customer service."---SM

Mr. LaBrie "assisted me to introduce the latest fiberoptic technology to the Department of Anesthesia for the purpose of airway management."---ACDB


"He maintained positive and proactive communications with his co-workers, including his subordinates and seemed to be ready to serve all he worked with."--SM

"His proactive teamwork resulted in close ties with his employees and peers alike."---DWL

"Mr. LaBrie is intensely loyal and people trust and respect his commitment.  He takes pleasure in helping other people, building them up and helping them realize their potential as an individual.  I esteem L.J. as a professional and as a friend."---DFJ

"Larry LaBrie is a team player and he's been an active concerned community member."---ANM


"In the course of this work, Mr. LaBrie has become conversant with fiberoptic technology in both its application and maintenance in the care of outpatients." ---ACDB

Mr. LaBrie "actively programmed equipment replacement initiatives so that current technology was readily obtainable.  His systematic review of current and potential medical technology in concert with hospital clinicians was a key factor in the success of the hospital's equipment acquisition program."---DWL


"I found L.J. to be a very competent professional and a trusted colleague."---DFJ

 "L.J. is an honest person of significant integrity.  He will always give 100 percent to his area of responsibility and to the mission of the organization."---DFJ

"He is a person who engages challenges with a consistent and positive attitude and who looks on adversity as an opportunity to grow and learn."---DFJ

"LT LaBrie has developed rapidly; not a deskbound medic, he has set an admirable standard by his leadership, earning the Expert Field Medical Badge and civilian paramedic certification." Recommend "challenge with the most demanding of Medical Service Corps positions, mark for advanced education ahead of peers, and promote early."---ANM

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"A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him... Don't worry about yourself! Take care of those who work for you and you'll float to greatness on their achievements."---HSM Burns

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