Abstract: Letter of recommendation and appreciation from Ionel Marinescu to Laurent and Aurelia LaBrie. Laurent La Brie's goal was to organize and manage a program to improve education of children in hospitals in Romania, developing each employee to teach in a medical environment.

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Secondary School of the Children's TB Hospital
Valea Iasului – Arges
Registration No.  182 of 2004-12-22


regarding the activities developed in our school by 
Mr. Laurent J. La Brie and Mrs. Aurelia Dogaru La Brie
Least of These International Ministries and Ajutor Medical Profilaxis Foundation
Mr. Laurent J. La Brie and Mrs. Aurelia Dogaru La Brie have been developing the following types of activities in our unit, beginning in 1998:
  Extracurricular education
  Developing the supplies of the institution;
  Envisioning and implementing educational projects;
  Developing community relations;
  Organization of patient relation activities;
  Counseling staff regarding the education of underdeveloped children.
Extracurricular activities organized can be subdivided into two categories:  ongoing and seasonal.  In the first category, we highlight in an extraordinary way, the contribution to the education of children in two clubs:  Computer Club and Alfa Club.  The Computer Club is directed by Mr. La Brie and has the distinct objective of initiating the children in the technical aspects of the Personal Computer (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and programming with HTML) and the ability of the children to type with the TypingMaster program (touchtyping):  20 students per semester with an average speed of 70 characters per minute.  Alfa Club  is conducted by Mrs. La Brie and has the distinct objective of tutoring children taking the role normally held by the family. Among children with psychomotor deficiencies, the program creates an environment as close as possible to that found in the family and helps them to prepare for their lessons and to integrate themselves in the school and hospital community.  In the last year alone, 10 children with the most severe deficiencies were recuperated and reintegrated.
Principally, our institutional development owes to Mr. and Mrs. La Brie, the planning and development of a computer laboratory in conformity with the standards and requirements of the Ministry of Education and Research, through marketing the program to sponsors (a present value of $3300).  Additionally, the computer laboratory presently serves in the curricular program, thanks to having the capacity to serve as an official school computer course.  In the Department of Preventive Medicine, they also attracted sponsors, planned and managed a renovation of sanitary units to conform to the medical standards of Europe and the US Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).  The project had a value of $8000.  Also, Mr. and Mrs. La Brie provided the logistical base for the appearance, for the first time in the school's history, of a student newspaper (“Creionul“) which has produced 14 editions.
Mr. and Mrs. La Brie planned and executed numerous projects in the following areas:  special education, formation of good character, personal hygiene and public preventive medicine, personal responsibility, knowledge and promotion of ethics, private life, developing interpersonal relationships, etc.
In the area of developing the public relations of the hospital, Mr. and Mrs. La Brie contributed to the education of the teaching staff in the formation of attitudes that encourage involvement in community life and in understanding the role of educational partnerships through initiating collaborations between the school and other institutions, including Non-Government Organizations and prominent humanitarian agencies (including Open Heart for Romania Foundation and Open Doors)
With our students being separated from parents through hospitalization, Mr. and Mrs. La Brie constantly worked to preserve their mental comfort, to create an educational mechanism to replace that of the family.  As such, on Sundays, they organize leisure and entertainment programs coupled with different instructive and behavioral programs.  On the different religious and official holidays, they organized artistic programs, to create an atmosphere that would allow the children to regain hope in life and in their own abilities.  Among these, we remember:  the Christmas Tree, Saint Nicholas, Children's Day, March 1st, attracting sponsors for the distribution of gifts to the children:  clothing, shoes, sweets, fruit, toys, school supplies, etc.  Also, during school vacation, they attracted donors for the sponsorship of excursions to historic monuments, museums, art exhibits, monasteries, and religious buildings in and around Curtea de Arges, Ramnicu-Valcea and Sibiu.  They organized vacation and sports camps, and programs for nature education and interpersonal understanding, of teamwork and sportsmanship, colaboring in these events with people from different parts of the world (India, New Zealand, Slovakia, USA, Australia, etc.)  The profit to the children's' education was to reduce prejudice of race and color, knowledge of other concepts of the world and life, and the acceptance of other cultures than the children knew directly.
Mr. La Brie contributed effectively in an advisory mode to our teaching staff regarding the acceptance of some new educational attitudes and new didactic techniques.  In our teachers' conferences and our administrative council, he presents new western teaching practices and stimulates the teachers to study and pedagogic reflection.  We mention that he colabored also with the Pedagogic Club of the School Directors around Curtea de Arges, where he presented a seminar named "Methods and techniques of Cooperative Education," a conference that earned him unanimous appreciation.
This letter of appreciation was presented, analyzed, and approved in its present form at our Administrative Council of December 21, 2004, Mr. Laurent J. La Brie being authorized by us to present it in public.
    Director,                            Secretary,
Prof. Ionel Marinescu                        Georgeta Sandu

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